Welcome to DAENYX India
Daenyx Provide an ultimate solution for our consumer needs. It has always been our endeavors to understand your life better so keeping that in mind we offer quality products and services to consumer to make their days better.
Daenyx has stepped into the lives of people and come up with the products and ideas that makes life more enjoyable and joyous. As we proceed our journey, we hope to make place in more hearts changing their lives to the fines World Living.

The company’s main priority is to provide luxurious and enjoyable living standards accompanied with comfort and safety within each and every place to meet the modern life-style demands.

The company works through a standard policy to develop products periodically every year, because it believes in the importance of keeping up with the latest technological updates in the industry. The company is looking forward to maintaining its position in manufacturing and producing all kinds of color televisions, DVD players, home theaters, LCD TVs, ACs, washing machines, water dispensers, and home appliances.

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